June 05, 2011

The Lost Collection

Stumbled upon this intriguing exhibition at KK Outlet in Hoxton Square yesterday. A great little exhibition packed with all things lost on the TFL Transport for London. Sadly these items have not be claimed, and have remained in lost property for some time, even years! TFL have opened up their Lost Property Office to KK Outlet, who have curated a unique exhibition of art and objects that was left unclaimed on London's Tubes, buses, Overground trains and black cabs. This forgotten collection features art and photographs from anonymous artists. Even hundreds of sets of false teeth, wigs, a prosthetic leg, arm etc. Funnily enough, since the exhibition has been launched, from last Thursday. Two pieces of art works have been reunited with their creators, via seeing their works in an article in The Evening Standard. Artist Ana De Lima lost a painting she created when she was a student at St Martin's College of Art, she spotted her work in the paper and has since been reunited with her painting. Pop along for a peek, it's well worth it. The Lost Collection, 3rd June-30 June.

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