June 25, 2010

Old school reading habits

Found these really lovely book covers with bookmarks on icoeye.com Could this be the future of book
cover design? You can't get that on an iBook!

Font size

June 22, 2010

Opening soon!!

We're almost ready! We've been busy the past few months sourcing unique, quirky and gorgeous products and
also getting our own products into production to launch our online shop.
Email us if you would like to be kept updated! shopaholics@ourworkshop.co.uk

Sounds of the mind

We popped along to Selfridges, and were stopped by these striking installation windows.
Various musicians were commisioned by Selfridges, to create an installation, in each of the windows to illustrate one of their tunes
and to celebrate the Summer Festival season. Musicians included, Dizzie Rascal, Florence and the Machine, Empire of the Sun, XX etc.

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