September 26, 2010


Found this interesting book of illustrations, Maps. This is no ordinary book of maps. Maps illustrated by Nigel Peake is crammed full of aerial views of fields, paths, forests, blocks, places etc. I love the illustrations, they're so intricate, yet so simple at the same time. Check it out.

September 17, 2010


We were featured in STYLIST***!! It was about a week ago! The Your Story notebook was the star! Only just got our hands on a copy! only teeny, but we're very happy :) Thanks Stylist!

We've got mail!

It's Friday!! and this morning I received a lovely little package through the post, packed with colour!
This House Industries, Font collection book, is just too lush to describe! Take a peek below...

September 15, 2010

Everyone's a winner!

We've got some real goodies that have come into Our Shop. Look at these quirky gorgeous medal badges, designed and made by talented design duo Lost At Sea. Each medal is made out of wood veneer, and lovingly hand painted. Don't think you deserve a medal? how about treating someone you think deserves one! Choose from ribbon, round or star designs. We only have a limited number, so catch them while you can.

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