July 29, 2010

Vintage Launch

We just opened a NEW vintage section on Our Shop website. It's a collection of lovely vintage ceramics and a golden pineapple! We're both really into 1960's and 70's tableware so this launch is a dream come true. We hope people love it as much as we do and can easily find great gifts for friends. It's been difficult placing them in the shop as we want to keep everything for ourselves! We've both got our eyes on the red cups, mmmmm!

July 26, 2010

"Digital Orca" sculpture in Vancouver

Found this amazing digital sculpture by Douglas Coupland. A modern alternative to the usual sculptures that sit in public spaces. Well done Canada!

July 22, 2010

Antique Fair

On Tuesday, we took a trip out of London, to the DMG Antique Fair in Ardingly. It was massive and amazing!!
We spent the whole day there, trawling through lots and lots of quirky trinkets and gorgeous furniture.
The grounds were so big, that we were a tad overwhelmed by the mass of stallholders. We both walked away with
items, from a massive vintage leather bag , a vintage french pinny, a folky looking cat to scandanavian ceramics.
We've even sourced some lovely goodies for our new section of our shop 'Vintage finds' soon to be launched in Our Shop.
We came across some red apples, which were similar to these red apples in Our Shop. And these green apples from Our Shop.
Except these were vintage ones...so cute! one was a Russian luxury bath kit!

Shoreditch Festival

Last Saturday we went to the Shoreditch Festival. It was buzzing with lots of activities going on. Great place to get together with friends
and family to enjoy a variety of workshops, performances and events. I stumbled across the Dog Show, which was very funny and fun
to watch. I think it maybe true that dogs do look like their owners! I took my little niece to a puppet-making workshop, which was pretty cool.
There was a large screen on the green, playing silent movies, and right underneath a pianist played music along to it, was so charming.
The graphics for the event were quirky and fun too. Definately recommend it for next year!

July 16, 2010

We're open!!

Our Shop is finally open! It's taken months of fun, sweat and no tears!
Take a peek at Our Shop, its packed with lots of quirky and fun stuff, for you, your mum or your mate!
From chic Parisian tea towels, to cornish salt n' pepper shakers, to quirky, spooky vampire cards from Korea.
Let us know what you think, we'd love to hear your feedback on how Our Shop looks and what you think of the products.
Happy shopping! and Happy Friday!! Be sure you join our mailing list, to get all the latest offers and updates!

P.s Here are some behind the scene piccies of the preparation of the shop, its been
great fun putting it all together!

July 12, 2010

Bust Summer Craftacular, London

We popped along to Bethnal Green's Bust Summer Craftacular last Saturday. This craft/art fair was bursting with lovely
quirky goods made by artists, designers and makers. It was very buzzy and inspiring. From quirky candy coloured bow
ties to beautiful ceramics. It was a mega hot day, but it was definately worth going to! Tatty Devine had a stall there,
and even had a small workshop going, so people could make up their own pendants. We had a little go too.
Some our a fave exhibitors were, Lost at Sea, By Louise, Invincible, Glazed&Confused, Bonbi Forest....

July 05, 2010

Eley Kishimoto Retrospective

We love this book, a collaboration between Eley Kishimoto and Singapore design publishers, Werk.
The book is a retrospective of fashion duo, Eley Kishimoto's work. Made up of lovely swatches of
Eley Kishimoto fabric prints, reminiscent stories, sketchy fashion drawings etc. These books are
limited edition and inspiring for both graphic design and fashion lovers.

July 03, 2010

We've got mail!

Not long now, we're still busy getting bits ready for our online shop launch.
A little parcel arrived for us the other day, it was Our WorkShop's newly designed and printed tea towel
sample sent through from the printers. We finally got to see it develop from our mac screens to fabric!
Also along with the tea towel parcel, we've also been receiving lots of other stock for Our Shop, slowly
the studio is feeling a little bit like cardboard city!

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