December 14, 2010

Our Christmas Pop-Up Extravaganza

Our first Christmas Pop-Up event has been and gone. And all the early starts and late nights have all paid off. Right to the run up to the event, we were still busy rushing around handing out flyers and getting as many people to come to it. Pushing our lovely bikes by Creea around London Bridge, to drum up attention! We were very grateful for the turn out and happy that we were able to create a platform for a variety of designers and makers to showcase their work at this event. A big thanks to Adam and Mik from Creea, who created such gorgeous Christmas decorations and dressed our arch space. And also a big thank you to Dave Walters for creating the '80s film extravaganza! Here are some piccies from the 2 days...We'd love to hear your feedback, so do feel free to comment. Thanks everyone! x

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  1. Love the birds! Have to come and find you someday :-)


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