July 22, 2010

Antique Fair

On Tuesday, we took a trip out of London, to the DMG Antique Fair in Ardingly. It was massive and amazing!!
We spent the whole day there, trawling through lots and lots of quirky trinkets and gorgeous furniture.
The grounds were so big, that we were a tad overwhelmed by the mass of stallholders. We both walked away with
items, from a massive vintage leather bag , a vintage french pinny, a folky looking cat to scandanavian ceramics.
We've even sourced some lovely goodies for our new section of our shop 'Vintage finds' soon to be launched in Our Shop.
We came across some red apples, which were similar to these red apples in Our Shop. And these green apples from Our Shop.
Except these were vintage ones...so cute! one was a Russian luxury bath kit!

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